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December 26th, 2013

supergee @ 02:07 pm: Things computers can do that no one would want to
Hyphenate as follows: w-

November 15th, 2013

supergee @ 12:00 pm: The second author listed in a reference to a military tech article is "Corps, U. S. M."

October 11th, 2013

karalianne @ 11:10 am: Help Wanted: Experienced with Adobe Acrobat Pro
My primary client needs some help that I am unable to offer.

They want to switch to using an Adobe template for the reports they put out (which I have to edit). Unfortunately, nobody at the office is an expert in this, and while I can probably figure out my end if necessary I'm far from proficient right now. As a result, they made a template and then converted it to Word for editing, and I'm sure you can imagine what that did to the document.

If anyone out there is an expert with Adobe Acrobat Pro, please contact me at to talk about this a bit more. The office is located in Calgary but they're okay with help from a distance, so unless you feel you need to be there in person it doesn't matter where you're located.

(Mods, I read the description before posting and this is as discreet as I could make it. I hope I followed the rules. If I need to change anything, just let me know. Also, I couldn't see a tag that would work so it's not tagged. Thanks!)

September 3rd, 2013

supergee @ 08:23 am: One thing I like about copy-editing is that a dirty mind is a job requirement.

August 24th, 2013

gehayi @ 10:13 pm: How do you tell a writer that the manuscript is awful?
It's a private job. And oh, dear God, this woman cannot write. She's an extremely nice woman; I wish that all of my clients were so nice. But she cannot write.

The manuscript is...I don't really know how to describe it. There's no actual plot. I'm 150 pages in and the two mains (a woman who is either a former spy who was tortured or a victim of attempted murder who's in Witness Protection and a sexist werewolf stalker who is offended that her hair and clothes don't suit his taste and who keeps describing everything she does that he likes as "masculine") haven't even met yet. There's a lot of what a friend calls "doorknobbing" instead. Here's an example:

"She was rewarded with a large tear up the seam of about four inches. [The female lead] then snapped off a small branch at eye level and stripped the leaves from it and used the sharp broken edge of the branch to jab the material on her dress at the point where the tear stopped. When she had made over a dozen puncture holes she put the branch in her mouth so it wouldn’t fall and grabbed the material again to rip it horizontally this time. One of the holes grabbed hold and the fabric ripped easily along the thread line. [The female lead] maneuvered her hips and brought her legs up to keep the tear going along the entire bottom half of her dress until she had a four inch wide long bandage in dark purple.

Each sentence is averaging between five to eight corrections, because every sentence is a run-on and half of the sentences are in passive voice. Words are used the wrong way. The author tends to overexplain everything at least three times. Also, all the dialogue looks like this:

"I don't know that dialogue followed by attributive takes a comma." The female lead responsed. The male lead sighed in agreement with her because he thinks her to be right.

"I don't either." The male lead warned. He was never interested in punctuation, he left that kind of thing to his sisters.


Is there a story here? I don't know. I'm eleven chapters in and I don't know what the story's about. (I think it's intended to be a paranormal romance, but I can't honestly tell.) And the manuscript is drowning in verbiage; it's a quarter of a million words long.

How do you tell someone that something they spent this much effort on is a complete turd?

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May 26th, 2013

jaylake @ 04:33 am: Impossible directions?

Not quite sure how to parse this sign at the Snow Bear Inn, Taos Ski Valley, NM.

May 18th, 2013

thatwordgrrl @ 11:31 am: [ADMINISTRAVA] Closing my Livejournal account
This is your friendly Pacific Standard Time moderator here. I will more than likely be closing my Livejournal account within the next few days. I rarely use LJ any more.

Which means, the time has come for me to bid you all a fond farewell. I had no idea that my crazy little idea for a community would take on a life of its own. Thanks to everyone for making this what it is.

That Word Grrl

May 7th, 2013

scarlettina @ 02:26 pm: Title style, sentence style . . . camel style!
I learned something new today. I've been in technology nearly 20 years, and I'd never heard the term "camel style" before. It refers to a term that has an uppercase letter in the middle, for example, a file name where two words are pushed together and a letter upper-cased to make it easy to distinguish the second word, for example: userStudies.doc. I'd never heard the name before but I understood it immediately. It gives me glee!

April 28th, 2013

lsanderson @ 07:33 pm: Personal Tweet!
I got a personal tweet from the NY Time's editorial commentator, David Firestone, today indicating that they'll fix the "Michelle" Bachmann typo. I feel so special. ;-)

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